BMW service, Birmingham AL

BMW:  It

‘s Not Just A Car

Some cars are more than just vehicles.  They have a community and a culture.  BMW is aware that its brand represents more than just a set of wheels.  In BMW service, Birmingham AL is one of many places where the car means something more than just transportation.

The BMW Group is about not only technical and mechanical excellence but engagement with society and culture.  BMW stands for not just something great to drive, but the quality of life of the man or woman behind the wheel.  The arts are an essential part of a set of values that make for a full and rich life.

BMW service, Birmingham AL

BMW supports jazz and classical music, architecture and design, and modern and contemporary art.  One of the company’s collaborations, launched in 1997, was “Oper fur alle”-or “Opera for All”-at the Bavarian State Opera House.  The program spread to Berlin in 2007, and to London in 2012 with the London Symphony Orchestra.  The London program was called “BMW LSO Open Air Classics.”  The company has also been associated with the Munich Chamber Orchestra, and sponsors jazz festivals in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Moldova, Brazil, and China.  BMW’s own in-house arts projects include Dixie Drivers, a BMW male voice choir, and the BMW Chamber Orchestra-all arts programs in which employees of the company participate.

In art exhibitions, the brand has had a strong presence since 1975 with the BMW Art Car Collection, in which famous artists have made visual creations using BMW vehicles.  These exhibitions have been held at some of the world’s foremost museums, including the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Guggenheim in New York. 

BMW believes the car is an extension of the driver, and BMW drivers are people of taste.  The brand is committed to quality not only in the machine but in the life of it owner.

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